Am I Offended?

People are complaining about Woodinville City Council Member Al Taylor asking whether or not anyone is offended by the flying of the Pride Flag. I am. I am offended by the action taken by our local city government for its decision to hoist the flag at City Hall. I am very offended that a group is singled out for praise that has not earned it. What is the world coming to when a person’s sexual orientation trumps the kind of character they have?

But you all don’t care what I think. You do not tolerate conservative values or ideas. You do publicly whatever you want to. You are not open to debate and attack anyone who would engage you in such. And when someone disagrees with you, you want to destroy them.

The 'Black Lives Matter' mantra also offends me. All lives matter. No life is more important than another. I am so sick of the drawing attention to color (and other things like sexual orientation) rather than to the quality of one's character. Dr Martin Luther King, Jr was on to what really matters!

I am offended by the ridiculous sex education bill too. Teaching kindergartners about sex and that abortion is legal and safe is not okay. It's immoral! This bill is no more than a state-indoctrination of all children that teaches life is not sacred. That’s a violation of their Constitutional rights, which allows every one the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We (parents) should have the right to choose what and what we do not want our children taught in the public schools. The State should not have the right to destroy what parents believe are good morals to impart to our children.

Oh, and face masks. What a joke. Sorry, but the way some of you talk, society should never be free of them. Truth: they don't stop the transmission of viruses. Period. Unless you want to wear an industrial n95 or higher. Not to mention, no one has batted an eye over the tens of thousands of flu deaths each year.

I’m sure this letter will generate hate in response, but I don’t care. I'm going to speak honestly. Free Speech is everyone's right.

Live in fear or walk in freedom.

N Denyse Cook-Whitlatch


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