This regards the article by Don Brunell entitled “Americans are blessed in so many ways,” in which he tells about the horrors that Communism caused earlier in the century.

He says the Pope and Reagan (the conservative hero) were more responsible than populist action in turning Poland around (no details provided). He segues directly to “The rest is history and today Poland prospers from the free market system.”

And from there he goes directly to “We are free to innovate...and succeed or fail. No government central planning...can replace our vibrant private enterprises.”

The message is that America is fine and no change is needed. I myself believe that we WERE prosperous because we happened to be closely associated with the parts of the world with the best weather (cradle of civilization) and science and technology (Europe and England), won the fight to control the New World, and then came to have a huge military and monetary flow that has allowed us to get control of the internal resources of country after country after country in the last century by installing puppet leaders.

I’d like “free enterprise” better if I didn’t feel that having a job meant spending most of the better part of one’s life in an un-free environment, lacking free speech and having one’s bathroom breaks controlled.

Don Brunell was president of the Association of Washington Business for many years. He now submits opinions in newspapers all over the state. A quick Google causes scores of his articles to pop up. This same article appeared in the Whitman County Gazette, the Enumclaw Courier-Herald and the Columbian.

He is prolific. It must help that his articles are to some extent pasted from the content of other people.

For instance, the phrase “The loss was disproportionately heavy among professionals—engineers, technicians, physicians, teachers, lawyers, and skilled workers” came from the Wikipedia entry “The History of Solidarity.”

The phrase “cost of manpower losses to East Germany alone (and corresponding gain to the West) was estimated at $7 billion to $9 billion...” is from the Wikipedia entry called “Berlin Wall.”

In another article, about the high cost of education, Brunell bemoans the huge debt incurred by students, details a couple of cases of charity that helped some people afford college, and ends with, “The focus needs to be on approaches which are affordable and effective for students and their families.”

Jan Deininger


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