Dear Editor,

I write with what I hope will be reassuring words. My husband Daniel Kirchhof and I spent all of 2017 eating only food gathered by hand by us or friends. We did not go to the grocery store at all. When people wondered if we were losing weight or having to eat tree bark, we were fortunately able to reply that we were eating goat cheese omelets and big salads. It took us six years of preparation to grow our skills and our garden, but it’s possible to do it faster.

I wish to cheer on the many people looking to grow food for themselves and others. A resilient local food supply is a great comfort and is entirely possible. We are doing our best to feed and educate our community at Hawthorn Farm and beyond. While we need to keep our distance from other humans, the plants and animals who give us food are great company too. We have a local resource in 21 Acres and other organizations supporting people who are ready to take their supply chain into their own hands.

Now is the perfect time to plan, plant, and find delicious meaning in growing your own food and supporting the local farmers who do too! Imagine good food within walking distance for every person, and let’s make it happen.

In good health,

Alexia Allen


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