Dear Editor,

The city of Woodinville is very happy with all of the new additions to the recreation scene in their town. What they don’t have, and any mature city needs, is a Playhouse.

Woodinville has a long history of great thespians. We all remember Northern Exposure. I have gone to plays located all over town, but not in a location appropriate for such an event.

I was struck with the location of the Schuck Auto Parts building next to the US bank. What a find. Perfect size and location across the street for Woodinville’s new pride and joy. When not used for plays, it could double for events held at the Civic Campus.

People would love to have dinner and follow up with a night on the town at an outstanding play.

I hope the citizens of Woodinville will feel the same way and work on making this a win for everyone.


Jeanette van der Heyden


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