How many times a day do you ask yourself if you have forgotten a task or simply did not have the time for it? Balancing all of life’s priorities can get quickly out of hand, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and anxious on a regular basis. 

Ask yourself: if you had to rate your stress level from 1-10 (the highest being 10), where do you fall? If you say 6 or higher, this article definitely applies to you. I am going to give you some tips on how to live life feeling more balanced and calm.  

It is helpful to realize that you cannot possibly do everything in one day. Tasks and responsibilities need to be prioritized.  It is helpful to make a list and organize it by category. For example, home / work / to buy / bills / kids / etc. Then, prioritize which tasks need to be done first by timeline. Crossing things off the list will feel satisfying, and then you can create a new list weekly or monthly. 

If you are the type of person who tries to multi-task, this may not be helping your stress level, only adding to it. Try simplifying tasks by only working on one thing at a time, and moving to the next task when one is complete.  This will relieve anxiety and give you a sense of productivity. 

Another tip for creating balance is to realize that all work and no play does not equal success. It is not possible to work long hours without breaks and keep being 100% productive, you will burnout. It will be a better use of your time if you feel rested and refreshed during the hours you spend working.  

Pick at least one day a week to just “play,” which means you lose sense of time doing something you like. For example, go on a long hike or bike ride, have laughs with friends, take a bubble bath, or watch a good movie. Pick at least one full day during the week where you do not check work emails or answer any messages. The brain needs rest to reset and focus. 

Lastly, one of the most important things for balance is to keep self-care a priority.  Clarity will come from making sure you are taken care of from the inside out. Practice checking in with yourself on a regular basis to see if you are getting what you really need.  

Practice also saying no and creating boundaries between other people and situations that you really do not want to be around. These ideas will help you live from a place of feeling centered and more grounded, so that you can feel balanced in anything you desire to accomplish. 

Dr. Allison Apfelbaum is a primary care Naturopathic doctor at Tree of Health Medicine in Woodinville, WA. To learn more, go to

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