Home Buying Tips: Four steps to improve your inspection

When you are preparing your home for sale, make sure you also prepare it for a successful home inspection. Whether you are procuring your own inspection to share with buyers or waiting for a buyer to bring their inspector – here are four things you should do to make sure your home is ready to be inspected.

1. Provide Access

Clear out the area around the key systems such as the furnace, water heater, electrical panel, and wall and baseboard heaters. Make sure that walls and outlets are also accessible – if needed move boxes/belongings to the center of the room. Provide keys for any security locks, sheds or outbuildings. Clear access panels to attic and crawl spaces and remove items stored in those areas if they will inhibit the inspection. Pets - remove or restrain them while the inspector is on-site so they have full access to the garage and other areas.

2. Ready Appliances

The inspector will run each of the appliances – make sure they are ready. Empty the washer, dryer and dishwasher. Clean the oven. Make sure the pilot light is on for gas fireplaces and water heaters. Have your furnace and AC serviced and make sure the technician updates the sticker or you have an invoice available. Have fireplaces serviced and inspected. Make sure your water heater has an expansion tank and properly installed earthquake straps. Make sure all light fixtures have functioning light bulbs.

3. Confirm Safety Equipment and Systems

Make sure you have at least one operating smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector per floor. Make sure you have GFCI outlets as appropriate in the kitchens, bathrooms, laundry room, garage, and outside outlets. Make sure there aren’t any exposed wires that should be in junction boxes, creative wiring solutions in your electrical panel, or gas lines that should be capped.

4. Miscellaneous Health and Safety Repairs

Check all windows and make sure the locks work and aren’t painted shut. Check all handrails and repair if needed. Check all doorknobs for looseness and repair if necessary and make sure all interior doors latch to the strike plate. Crawlspace – make sure original construction materials have been removed, any old pest traps removed, and if you have a sump pump, make sure it is working. Roof – check it and clean off moss and debris from the gutters, make sure downspouts are property connected and directing water away from the house, and see if there are damaged or missing tiles and get those fixed.

Have specific questions regarding inspection preparation and whether you should do one before listing? Need a referral for an inspector or other service provider? Want to explore your options for selling or buying real estate? Contact us – we would love to help you! www.BlueRealEstateTeam.com

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