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Sellers often question the value of professional photography and staging and some brokers will agree to skip it just to get the listing. However, skipping these important marketing activities is more likely to cost you money than save it. 

Professional photography means better lighting, wider photos that show more of the room, multiple exposures so you can see inside the room and through the windows, higher resolution photos for printing, and better angles then photos taken by the average broker. 

Seller Tip: In addition to professional photos, having high-definition virtual tours and floorplans for a home is always preferred and a “must have” during this time where we are all affected by COVID-19.

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Professional staging helps show the scale of rooms, helps people visualize how a room could be furnished, highlights the selling features, and distracts or minimizes the viewer’s focus on minor maintenance issues (paint scuffs and chips, flooring scratches and stains, etc). Done right, staging encourages an easy flow throughout the home, provides enough decoration to feel lived in without the stress of or distraction of personal clutter, and has area vignettes that trigger emotional cues such as the welcoming living room, the relaxing bathroom retreat, the cozy TV room, spacious chef’s kitchen,  romantic dinners in the dining room, the perfect garage for the car guy, etc. When people buy a home, they are buying the lifestyle that they want – not number of rooms, bathrooms, and parking spaces.  

Seller Tip: Staging isn’t just for vacant homes, homes that are lived in should also be staged. You will be amazed how we can rearrange your home using mostly your items – with just the finishing touches of fresh color and comfort from our staging supplies.

Want to sell your home? We always include professional staging, photography and floorplans with any home we sell! Make sure you work with a Real Estate Broker who has the expertise, informational resources and a team of service provider experts available to help you make fully informed, great decisions. If you’d like to explore your buying or selling options, contact Ashley Farrington at 

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