Open Rate Print Advertising


Full page 6-col x 16” (10” x 16”) $2,400

Half page (vertical) 3-col x 16” (4.9” x 16”) $1,200

Half page (horizontal) 6-col x 8” (10” x 8”) $1,200

1/4 page 3-col x 8” (4.8” x 4”) $600

1/4 page 6-col x 4” (10” x 4”) $600

1/8 page 3-col x 4” (4.8” x 4”) $300



3-col x 3” full color ad

2 ads per month

$300 per month*

*includes e-edition



1-col x 2” full color ad

1 ad per week

$21 per week*



1-col x 2” full color ad

1 ad per week

$21 per week*



25 weekly newspapers for your customers

2-col x 4” full color ad

1 ad per month

$100 per month**

**Includes e-edition and 50% off additional adversing



1-col x 3” full color ad

1 ad per week (up to 40 words)

$63 per week

2-col x 3” full color ad

1 ad per week (up to 80 words)

$126 per week*

*Includes e-edition and online listing





728x90 and 300x250

10,000 impressions (min)



728x90 and 300x250

25,000 impressions (min)


For more information, call 425-4830-0606 or email


The Woodinville Weekly can be found at the following locations:

Pony Mailbox


UW Medicine (Woodinville)

Banner Bank

Woodinville Fire & Rescue

Woodinville Post Office

Brock's Academy

Woodinville Bagel Bakery

Taco Time

Lifted Taco

Cottage Lake Dentist

Duvall Post Office

Hampton Inn & Suites (Woodinville)

John L. Scott (Woodinville)

K&M Auto


McClendon's Hardware

Twisted Cuban Cafe

Woodinville Florist

Brittany Park Retirement

Dr. Bates

Woodinville Library (Cottage Lake)

Long's Car Care Center

The Creekside

Ascend Gymnastics

McClendon's Hardware

Kingsgate Library

Woodinville City Hall

Pizza Co-Op

Sidekick Coffee

Fresh Cuts


Bothell Library

Northshore Senior Center

Riverside East

Ixtapa, Duvall

Duvall Post Office

Riverview School District

Duval Fire Department

Duvall Library 

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