The Falcons boys basketball team is bringing back a lot of depth in talent between its returning starters and fresh faces, according to head coach Kurt Melton. 

“I like the experience we bring,” he said. “I think we have a pretty good mix.” 

But the new season hasn’t started without its share of challenges. The Falcon’s first games scheduled to be against Bothell on April 13 and 16 were canceled. 

The long break in between seasons caused by the pandemic has brought with it some understandable “continuity” issues, particularly on offense, Melton said. 

Getting in a rhythm after a year without playing together and no pre-season will be one of the main hurdles to overcome, he said. Things seemed to be starting to come together at a recent scrimmage. 

The inter-team matchup was treated just like an official game, and Melton said he liked what he saw. The players started shooting better than he’d seen before, but he mostly appreciated the attitudes and energy that they brought. 

“They know how to have fun,” Melton said. “They know how to compete. They know how to support one another.” 

He said he wished they’d get a longer season, which is scheduled to end on May 8, because he simply likes spending time with this group of students. 

They’ve also adapted well to the new COVID-safety precautions, which include sanitizing before and after practice and wearing masks. Although the masks can be cumbersome while playing, he said there’s nothing that can be done at the moment to change it. 

Even though it’s a short, odd season, Melton is striving to make it a largely positive experience for his players. 

“I want to make this something that the kids will remember,” he said. “What that looks like, you can’t predict.” 

The team played its first game on Tuesday at home against Inglemoor. The Falcons will face the Vikings away at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, April 23. Each player is allowed to give out two tickets. The games will be live streamed at under “Watch Live Sports.” 

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