King County all-league decisions for fall sports such as soccer, football, softball, cross country and swim were announced Wednesday, Nov. 10.

Once the regular season finished, coaches submitted nominations and voted on athletes. 

Woodinville High School coaches picked up a few accolades as well, including two Coach of the Year awards. 

Here are the rest of the selections:

2021 4A Football KingCo Crown All-League Teams

  • Coach of the Year: Tom Bainter, Bothell
  • Assistant coach of the year: Mel Mersberg, Inglemoor
  • Offensive MVP: Senior Kennedy McGill, North Creek
  • Defensive MVP: Senior Oliver Bragg, Woodinville
  • Lineman of the Year: Senior Luka Vincic, Bothell

First Team - Offense

  • Senior guard Carson Giles, Woodinville
  • Senior running back Henry Nichols, Woodinville
  • Senior tight end Bo Graham, Woodinville
  • Senior wide receiver Max Finney, Woodinville
  • Senior center Auden James, Bothell
  • Senior guard Parker James, Bothell
  • Senior tackle Luka Vincic, Bothell
  • Junior running back Bryce Kooy, Bothell
  • Senior wide receiver Sam Stewart, Bothell
  • Senior tackle Tyler Luzan, North Creek
  • Senior running back Rocco Traore, North Creek
  • Senior quarterback Kennedy McGill, North Creek
  • Senior wide receiver Max Boden, North Creek

First Team - Defense

  • Senior defensive lineman Oliver Bragg, Woodinville
  • Senior defensive lineman Adam Duffy, Woodinville
  • Senior inside linebacker Gavin Thorsen, Woodinville
  • Senior outside linebacker Nick Owens, Woodinville
  • Senior inside linebacker Erik Lee, North Creek
  • Junior outside linebacker Brady Goff, North Creek
  • Senior safety Rocco Traore, North Creek
  • Senior return specialist Rocco Traore, North Creek
  • Junior defensive lineman Connor Tompkins-Delacerda, Bothell
  • Senior cornerback Sam Stewart, Bothell
  • Senior cornerback Kyree Percival, Bothell
  • Junior safety Marcus Heffernan, Bothell

First Team - Special Teams

  • Senior punter Charlie Shulkin, Bothell
  • Senior kicker Charlie Shulkin, Bothell
  • Senior defensive lineman Tony Frank, Inglemoor

Second Team - Offense

  • Senior center Waseem Khan, Woodinville
  • Junior guard Llyeton Pilukas, Woodinville
  • Junior running back CJ Ugokwoli, Inglemoor
  • Junior center Jack Detmon, Inglemoor
  • Junior guard Jacobaas Van Ruiten
  • Senior quarterback Logan Lacio, Bothell
  • Junior guard Rudy Rodany, Bothell
  • Senior tackle Noah Ochoa, Bothell
  • Senior wide receiver Marcus Heffernan, Bothell
  • Senior wide receiver Kyree Percival, Bothell,
  • Junior tight end Stephen Woodward, North Creek
  • Junior wide receiver Jamal Omar, North Creek

Second Team - Defense

  • Junior defensive lineman Ivori Keo, Woodinville
  • Senior corner back Isaac Fuiten, Woodinville
  • Junior safety Cash Sanders, Woodinville
  • Senior defensive lineman Nick Madison, North Creek
  • Junior defensive lineman Kateo Fa’aiu, North Creek
  • Junior inside linebacker Stephen Woodward, North Creek
  • Junior corner back Luke Naldrett, North Creek
  • Senior outside linebacker Jimmy Tucker, Bothell
  • Senior inside linebacker Adam Smith, Bothell
  • Junior safety Cody Petrin, Bothell
  • Junior defensive lineman Detric Riley, Inglemoor

Second Team - Special Teams

  • Sophomore kicker Finley Bragg, Woodinville
  • Junior return specialist Bryce Kooy, Bothell

Woodinville Honorable Mentions

  • Junior wide receiver Carson Ackerman
  • Senior quarterback Theo Grothen
  • Senior wide receiver Lucas Dahl
  • Senior inside linebacker Ryan Bowles

2021 3A/4A Girls Slowpitch Softball KingCo All-League Teams

  • Player of the Year: Senior shortstop Baylee Mittendorf, Bothell
  • Coach of the Year: Kim Benedict of Woodinville

First Team

  • Junior pitcher Sidney Suzuki, Woodinville
  • Junior first baseman Zoe Wu, Woodinville
  • Junior first baseman Nina Brandt, Woodinville
  • Junior outfielder Caoimhe Dobey, Woodinville
  • Senior catcher Ryan Osborn, Bothell
  • Senior shortstop Baylee Mittendorf, Bothell
  • Junior third baseman Grace Tanferani, Bothell
  • Senior outfielder Amber Gallaway, Bothell
  • Freshman outfielder Molly Benson, Juanita
  • Senior second baseman Maggie Tell, Eastlake
  • Senior first baseman Jess Umphrey, Eastlake
  • Junior outfielder Emily Nielsen, Lake Washington
  • Junior outfielder Angie Helf, Lake Washington
  • Junior utility Mary-Madeline Roe, Lake Washington

Woodinville Honorable Mentions

  • Freshman shortstop Olivia Leamer
  • Junior utility Jordan Melton

2021 4A girls soccer KingCo all-league teams

  • Coach of the Year: M’ily Morton from Woodinville
  • Team Sportsmanship: Bothell High School
  • Offensive Player of the Year: Junior Shelby Runje, Issaquah
  • Defensive Co-Players of the Year: Junior Kira Prologo, Eastlake and senior Olivia Johnsrud, Skyline

First Team

  • Freshman defender Ally Laccinole, Woodinville
  • Senior midfielder Kennedy Bates, Woodinville
  • Senior goalkeeper Sapphire Maguigad, Eastlake
  • Senior defender Peyton Price, Eastlake
  • Senior midfielder Ally Ang, Eastlake
  • Senior defender Lauren Lailey, Issaquah
  • Junior F Helen Lisin, Issaquah
  • Senior defense Lucy Bentsen, Issaquah
  • Senior midfielder Avery Libed, Inglemoor
  • Junior F Sophie Zhang, Skyline
  • Sophomore F Ashley Roni, Skyline

Woodinville Honorable Mentions

  • Senior goalkeeper Hannah Grimes
  • Junior defender Olivia Connell
  • Sophomore defender Kameron Wimsatt
  • Junior midfielder Layla Mai

2021 4A Cross Country KingCo All-League Teams

Boys Teams Ranked

  1. Issaquah
  2. Newport
  3. Eastlake
  4. Woodinville
  5. Redmond
  6. Skyline
  7. Inglemoor
  8. Mount Si
  9. North Creek
  10. Bothell

Girls Teams Ranked

  1. Eastlake
  2. Skyline
  3. Issaquah
  4. Mount Si
  5. Bothell
  6. Newport
  7. Redmond
  8. Woodinville
  9. Inglemoor

Boys First Team

  • Ethan Pedersen, Eastlake
  • Noah Zahn, Eastlake
  • Sam Jacobsen, Newport 
  • Oscar Pont, Newport
  • Brennan Rickey, Issaquah
  • Jerald Imai-Takemura, Issaquah
  • Jacob Schutt, Inglemoor

Boys Second Team

  • Tre Pepper, Woodinville
  • Gabriel Kary, Woodinville 
  • Jonathan Liu, Issaquah
  • Benjamin Konopka, Issaquah
  • Zachary Leader, Redmond
  • Brooks Kapfhammer, Newport
  • Andrew B. Nguyen, Newport

Girls First Team 

  • Sydney Collier, Skyline
  • Anna Callahan, Skyline 
  • Mia Roberts, Newport 
  • Addison Craig, Mount Si
  • Jane Roos, Eastlake 
  • Sally Roos, Eastlake 
  • Fiona Wolf, Eastlake

Girls Second Team

  • Anna Tasky, Skyline 
  • Darwin Hanson, Issaquah
  • Katherine Yahn, Issaquah 
  • Liv Jensen, Issaquah 
  • Makaylee Jensen, Mount Si
  • Lauren Hoyt, Bothell
  • Alyssa Flindt, Eastlake

2021 4A Girls Swim & Dive KingCo All-League Teams

  • Sportsmanship award: Woodinville and North Creek 
  • Coach of the Year: Shelby Ruge, Eastlake 

First Team

  • Junior Maren Rusk, Woodinville
  • Senior Angela Ahang, Newport 
  • Junior Michelle Chen, Redmond 
  • Senior Andrea Wu, Redmond 
  • Senior Catherine Yu, Redmond
  • Sophomore Jenna Kimborowicz, Redmond
  • Senior Jade Fontenelle, Skyline
  • Junior Elsie Nakaone, Eastlake 
  • Junior Gillian Tu, Issaquah 

Second Team

  • Senior Megan Chow, Inglemoor 
  • Junior Malia Curley, Newport 
  • Senior Kaitlyn Holt, Mt. Si 
  • Senior Maddy Jia, Issaquah 
  • Senior Joy Li, Newport 
  • Sophomore Nicolle Makhervaks, Newport 
  • Senior Josephine Piel, Eastlake 
  • Senior Sky Pushckor, Issaquah 
  • Junior Renee Yin, Inglemoor 

Woodinville Honorable Mentions

  • Senior Taylor Fitch

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