Lance Gatter named District Two Athletic Director of the Year

“This is very humbling for me as there are so many really good athletic directors in District Two and the KingCo Conference,” Gatter said in a May 20 press release. “It is even more special that my colleagues are recognizing me with this honor.”

District Two is made up of Metro, KingCo, SeaTac and Emerald City leagues. Athletic Directors are nominated by their league and voted on by their peers for their service to the league. The nominees then move to the district level and are voted on by the district board.

“From day one, Lance has been a selfless colleague and mentor who not only is available but actively reaches out to make sure things are going well and offer help where needed,” said Juanita High School Athletic Director Jason Thurston. “As a wrestling coach by trade, it has been a pleasure to work with Lance on furthering Women’s Wrestling throughout the state.

“Women’s wrestling in Washington is better because Lance has chosen to help out in any way possible. In our profession it often isn’t the big thing that makes the greatest impact, it is a consistent stream of little things that work to make athletics better through the area. Lance is an athletic director that works hard on the little things and working with him has been a great benefit to me in my career.”

The District Two AD of the Year designation automatically qualifies Gatter as a finalist at the state level.

“The most important thing about being an athletic director is the ability to support kids and coaches as best you can to help them have the greatest high school experience possible both as an athlete and a coach,” Gatter said. “This means you have to be good at systems, as there are many aspects of the job that rely on systems and having them all work together.”

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