Local high school basketball coaches receive high praise

Coach Scott Bullock (far left) talks strategy during a time out in the 4A state championship game against Central Valley High School on Saturday March 7. Photo by Bob Kirkpatrick

Scott Bullock, head coach of Woodinville High School Girls Basketball and Greg Lowell, head coach of Inglemoor Boys Basketball, has been recognized as ambassadors of the sport by the Pacific Northwest Basketball Officials Association (PNBOA).

The honor bestowed upon the two acknowledges them as outstanding representatives of the players, coaches, and teams of the game, and who are courteous, respectful, lead by example, and are respected by their peers and supportive of the officiating community.

“The recognition means a lot to me, especially from who it’s coming from for sure,” Bullock said. “By nature of the sport, it can produce an adversarial relationship but over the years I’ve been trying to improve that — to really have a positive relationship with the officials.”

Bullock said assistant coach Sam Moscatel has been a big help in that development.

“Sam has been really helpful in creating a positive relationship with all the officials,” he said.

Bullock said sports can bring a lot of positive relationships into one’s life, whether it be with players on the team, or their families, or with coaches and players on other teams.

“I’ve really enjoyed the camaraderie—it definitely makes your life richer… more meaningful and happier,” Bullock said. “I love to win — but I also love my friends.”

When asked how he integrates the traits the PNBOA single out into his coaching student-athletes, Bullock said they are a constant topic of conversation.

“We definitely talked about this kind of stuff every day… being a good human being… a good teammate and leader… being a good opponent,” he said. “I have a great group of kids… they probably teach me as much as I teach them.”

Those “great kids,” Bullock said, have been the key to the team’s success, having recently gone 28-1 this past season, losing only to Central Valley High School by four points in the 4A State Championship Game.

"You need the talent to be successful, but you also need good people and that starts with the players… good people from good families," Bullock said. "We often use the potluck dinner analogy to describe what makes up a good team. Everyone brings a different dish to the table… can't have everyone bring the same dish or you'll have a lousy meal.

“You need someone who is a great shooter … someone who is a great rebounder … a great inspirational player and have energetic players on the bench. We try and recognize every player for what they can bring to the game.”

Woodinville Athletic Director Cathy Boyce was thrilled to hear of Bullock’s recognition.

“I am so honored and proud to work with Coach Bullock for numerous reasons and I'm so happy others recognize the great work he and his staff do,” Boyce said. “This award stands for the many values the Falcons strive for on a daily basis. I appreciate Coach Bullock showing us how to win the right way.”

Inglemoor High School Boys Basketball coach Greg Lowell was humbled with the recognition.

“It is a real honor for our basketball program to be honored by the basketball official’s association. Sportsmanship, respecting your opponent and the officials are important values to represent to your players, both in how you act as a coach and what you ask of your players,” Lowell said. “Trying to win basketball games is important. But how you conduct yourself as a coach and a player is more important in what we are trying to teach high school athletes.”

Over the years, Lowell said he’s come to value the tireless efforts officiating crews put in to make the game a great experience for coaches and players alike.

“I have really appreciated how hard the basketball officials work not only during the regular season but also in the off-seasons,” Lowell said. “Many of them work at their craft yearlong, and it is really appreciated by the coaches in the area.”

Lance Gatter, athletic director at Inglemoor said the recognition by the PNBOA is well deserved.

“This is a very special honor for Greg to be recognized by the officials,” Gatter said. “Inglemoor could not be prouder of Greg and his leadership both on and off of the court. We are blessed to have him on our staff.”

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