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Woodinville doesn’t have many golf courses in the city. But if you’re a golfer and you tend to play at courses out of the area, you may be missing some of the hidden gems in and around Woodinville itself.

If you’re looking for a challenge, here are some of Woodinville and its surroundings’ most interesting golf holes.

Bear Creek Country Club: Hole #13

Although the above-average rainfall can make playing here tough, you’re in for a few challenging holes that will invite your strategic golfer side out to play, whether you catch it on a wet or a dry day.

BC’s most interesting hole is also their smallest, most unassuming one, number 13. Don’t be fooled by the smooth, downhill par-3.

The pin is placed on the back left of the green and might seem like a sure shot but the green can run away with your ball quicker than you realize. Be cautious and don’t rush into it!

Echo Falls Golf Course: Hole #17

This deceiving par-4 in Snohomish is considered to be one of the hardest in the state. The fairway is straight, which could lull you into a false sense of security. Get your first shot true, and you’ll find the green around a tricky little bend.

Missing the mark off the tee could result in losing your ball in the water, or going over into the rough on the left-hand side.

Your second shot could go one of two ways. Take the safe option and make your way around the dogleg to avoid the water, or opt for the riskier choice with a larger reward and lob your ball over the lake.

Heron Links Course: Hole #4

Within 6 miles of Woodinville, in Redmond, Heron Links is a 9-hole, par-3 course that’s perfect for a quick round when you’re short on time, or if you’re a beginner.

Be wary of hole number 4. It’s a fairly straight shot, but you’ll need to clear a large bunker and make sure to steer true off the tee. There’s water on either side, so going off course could leave you stranded.

Strategically placed bunkers on the way to the green can trip you up. Another sneaky bunker just past the green can catch you out if you overshoot the pin just a little.

Willows Run Golf Complex: Rainbow Run

If you’re looking for a challenge with the family, try out Willows Run’s 18-hole mini-golf course in Redmond. Don’t get too complacent, though - there are some tricky holes!

For a mini-golf course, every hole is far more challenging than you may expect if you’ve played on a regular course.

Sprinkled with water features, weeds, and even a sand trap, you’ll need to exercise some caution to make sure your ball doesn’t go off track.

This is a mini-golf with a twist!


Golfers, there’s no need to travel far away to find fun and challenge! Woodinville has its own set of unique and interesting golf holes for you to try. Everyone we’ve mentioned is within 6 miles of Woodinville itself, so there’s no excuse to miss them!

Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer and a writer who loves to travel. He writes about golf on his site, where he shares some tips and tricks on golf.

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