This year’s Duvall Days is not canceled but postponed. The roaming concerts and fireworks show were moved to Saturday, June 12, to avoid rain showers on the original date.

“It definitely looked like the weekend was going to be 50 degrees and raining cats and dogs,” volunteer and event planner Kim Piira said. 

The annual celebration will still look different from past years, she said. However, after canceling last year’s festival due to COVID-19, she is determined to make it work.

While there will not be a parade or street vendors this year, music and fireworks will continue as planned. For the first time ever, local bands will perform a roaming music festival through the streets of Duvall on a flatbed truck. Additionally, the event will feature three street corner musicians around the downtown area.

“You can't pull that off in the pouring rain,” she said. “So, we just decided to move the whole thing to next weekend when the weather's better.”

With the postponement, Piira added, some of the scheduled performances will move around. Morgan Henley Presents, the event promoter and producer, has been working to secure additional musicians.

She said the Marshall Law Band, who created the flatbed truck stage, is still set to headline with a fusion of hip hop, jazz and rock. Southern-raised country blues singer Brett Benton will also perform on the moving stage.

“I just hope everybody whips out their camping chairs and sits on their porch,” Piira said.

A map of the music route is continuously being tweaked to make sure the roaming festival reaches almost every single subdivision in Duvall, she said. From 6-8 p.m., performances will occur on the three different street corners. 

Evening street corner musicians will include Garrett Hendricks, Alex Blum and Buddy Do-Wrong & The Ne’er Do Wells. Piira encourages the community to enjoy a meal downtown and listen to some good music.

To honor the graduating students at Cedarcrest High School, each senior will receive a ticket to the fireworks show. When one door closes, she noted, another one opens. She said there will be an empty lot for the seniors to hangout and watch the show.

According to Piira, all roads will remain open during the roaming music festival. She said nothing will impede anybody’s ability to get around.

“Next year, we're hoping to be back full-time with vendors and a parade,” she said. “That'll be great for everybody involved.” 

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