Locomotive 924

Locomotive 924

SNOQUALMIE — Steam engine 924, built in 1889, will make its first public appearance during Snoqualmie Railroad Days on August 15. The historic locomotive is part of the Northwest Railroad Museum collection and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at the event.

“This is the first public showing of the locomotive since it’s restoration began five years ago,” Richard Anderson, museum executive director, said in an Aug. 7 press release. "The restoration process to date has cost more than $500,000 and work continues on the engines’ conservation restoration and maintenance process.”

Steam engine 924 is scheduled to run on the tracks between the Railroad History Campus and Snoqualmie Depot that was built in 1980, beginning at 11 a.m. Visitors and the sightseers watching this historic event are asked to practice social distancing while wearing face masks.

There will also be plenty of parking spots along the tracks in downtown Snoqualmie allowing people to watch from their vehicle if they choose to do so.

Commemorative prints of Locomotive 924 by artist J. Craig Thorpe will be available for purchase at the Snoqualmie Depot bookstore.

The museum, located on Stone Quarry Road was founded in 1957. It is the largest Railway Museum in Washington state. It’s housed in the Snoqualmie Depot, which Anderson said has been recognized as the oldest continuously operating train station in Washington as well. The museums’ collection includes more than 70 models of trains, passenger and freight cars and specialized pieces of railway equipment.

Call 425-888-3030 or visit the museum website at TrainMuseum.org for information on train schedules, operating hours and special events.

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