Duvall’s new Waste Management (WM) services begin with brand new carts. But not just any carts. These carts come with a recycled plastic pedigree.  

WM and Cascade Cart Solutions teamed up to create EcoCarts, the first in the industry to contain up to 50% curbside recycling content. Duvall residents’ old carts will also be recycled to make the next generation of EcoCarts.

WM is replacing carts in two phases, according to a press release. New carts will be delivered Monday, Nov. 8, through Thursday, Nov. 11. Old carts will be removed Friday, Nov. 12 through Tuesday, Nov. 16. Residents should leave old carts at the curb for removal during these dates.

Duvall’s new sustainable services do not end with the carts. Beginning Jan. 1, WM will provide unlimited residential and commercial recycling and will offer free curbside collections of used motor oil and cooking oil (go to wmwnorthwest.com/duvall for used oil requirements.)  

The city of Duvall and WM are also teaming up for a free annual bulky waste drop-off event and one free curbside collection of bulky items. Collecting old couches, large chairs, and other items is part of the city’s continual commitment to clean communities. 

WM is the leading provider of comprehensive recycling and environmental services in the Pacific Northwest and North America. The company provides innovative sustainability solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customers. WM uses waste that cannot be recycled to generate renewable energy, powering 12,500 homes in Washington state. 

For more information, go to wmnorthwest.com.

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