Chrysalis School Celebrates 40 Years

April 11, 2023

This month marks the 40th anniversary of Chrysalis School, and they are excited to celebrate. You likely know someone whose life has changed direction at Chrysalis. It is known for providing transformational educational experiences for its students and their families. In over 40 years, that translates to thousands of students and graduates.

It all began with Karen Fogle, a teacher from Ohio who founded the school in 1983 in her Woodinville home to serve her children’s schooling needs. Along the way, she played a role in the movement to legalize homeschooling in 1985. Little by little, the school grew to incorporate other families who wanted more to say in their children’s educational experience.

Now, 40 years later, she celebrates the school’s growth into two campuses, serving 212 students in grades K-12. What began as a homeschool extension program, developed to offer up to five days in school, with the flexibility to accommodate students whose learning style, educational needs, and personal activities require a more creative school environment and some revolutionary thinking about education. Enjoying the school experience is a primary objective for both staff and students.

The school has changed its look and location, but its philosophy remains unchanged. Namely, all students deserve to experience school success and should be met by a warm school environment. This student-centric model offers tailored educational experiences for its students in a small learning community where children are seen and valued for who they are.

Known for its dedication to academics and social-emotional growth, Chrysalis ensures that students’ learning needs are met regardless of their grades or age. This means students have access to the content and instruction that meets their developmental stage, not simply their grade or age. Chrysalis boasts a relationship-based model, where teachers develop rapport and engagement as the backbone for learning and can respond to student needs immediately while creating a tailored curriculum for every student.

The school’s flexible nature works for students who need acceleration and have Ivy-league dreams and those who need more support in their learning. Flexible schedules allow competitive athletes, families who travel, and students who want more efficient schooling options to accomplish their goals. Students have moved on to every career imaginable – such as computer programming, Olympic athlete, law, race car driver, mayor, welding, photography, and actor. Now parents themselves, their children represent a second, and even third, generation of Chrysalis students.

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